Drafting class: Basic Shift Dress Philippines

Today’s a nice Sunday. Our student was able to draft her basic shift dress for the first time. 

If you took lessons from us, I suggest that you repeat the same project so that you can practice doing it better or at least faster. 😉


Pagtatabas ng Tela

 Kauuwi lang namin galing Bacolod kahapon at kinabukasan, may class kami agad! 

Hindi ko lang matanggihan si Ma’am, galing Davao pa sya! I am really touched and honored naghintay talaga siya na makabalik ako. 🙂 Thank you po Ma’am sa tiwala!  

Hay ayan Friday ngayon, excited nako matulog hahaha. Opo ganyan tlg pag 30s na hahaha. Sa totoo lang lagare kami this week and this weekend lang ako ulit makakapahinga pero nagppasalamat po ako sa mga nageenroll samin at bumibili sa Gawa Ko To Handicrafts!

Masaya po ako at alam ko na madami na ngayon ang pwede ng magsimula manahi ng sarili nilang damit! Naku kung pwede lang mag-island hopping hahaha bbisitahin ko kayo! Ang sarap din kasi sa Bacolod!!! /// To be translated in the future. 🙂 

Tote Bag Sewing Lessons in Laguna 

For first-time sewers, i highly recommend starting with an easy project first, like this tote bag. That way, you have plenty of time to get adjusted to the machine, sewing, threading the machine and so on. 

Afterwards, you can shift to some basic drafting classes and make your own clothes. At Gawa Ko To Handicrafts, we not only sell sewing supplies, see our shop>> Http://www.shopee.ph/gawakotohandicrafts 

We also offer sewing classes and pattern drafting lessons. You can also simply choose the projects you like instead of going through a whole series of sewing course. 

We are also open to teach by appointment in Makati. Thank you! 

I imagined this when I was 24

When I was 24 years old, my teacher asked me what I wanted to do after school. That time, I felt really blessed to be able to study in a good school and in Paris, of all places. I told my teacher that I would share what I’ve learned. 

She said, “why, are there no Fashion schools around?” I replied there is, but not as much schools as now (14 years later) Though probably anyone who went to Fashion school would know the same things as I have learned. But I think in my own way, I could make a difference. And I’m so happy and excited that I get to share the fun world of Fashion in my very hometown, Los Baños. 

Today, we studied the basics of Fashion sketching and the next class we will be coloring them on Adobe Illustrator, my favorite!!!

Recently, I’ve been meeting people who want to try sewing or pattern drafting. Fortunately, most of my students finish something by the time the class ends. They always ask me, are you sure I will finish something? 😂

Absolutely! Come visit our shop this weekend, and see which projects you should try next! 

We are also looking for people who know how to crochet and knit and would like to share their knowledge. I have a few making inquiries. Just send me a message on my Facebook. Thank you!