Tote Bag Sewing Lessons in Laguna 

For first-time sewers, i highly recommend starting with an easy project first, like this tote bag. That way, you have plenty of time to get adjusted to the machine, sewing, threading the machine and so on. 

Afterwards, you can shift to some basic drafting classes and make your own clothes. At Gawa Ko To Handicrafts, we not only sell sewing supplies, see our shop>> Http:// 

We also offer sewing classes and pattern drafting lessons. You can also simply choose the projects you like instead of going through a whole series of sewing course. 

We are also open to teach by appointment in Makati. Thank you! 

Sewing Lessons for Kids

Hi for those asking Kids Sewing Lessons will be updated here.  Or if you are following our Facebook page (gawakotohandicrafts) in the albums, just look for Sewing Lessons for Kids.

These lessons are open for 8 – 12 years old. Younger ones should be accompanied by parents and the projects should be easy ones first like the pillow case or tote bag. Because we need them to get used to the sewing machine also for them to master sewing on a straight line. 🙂 Thank you.

Just send us a message on any of our social media accounts…or click on the calendar on our drift


Finally! I Can Make My Own Dress! 

I used to just look over Philippa’s desk and see what her project of the week was. She always has something fun to do and is hardly ever bored. 

I started sewing my own clothes and i knew that my dog can rip them in seconds 😂. They were hardly durable. 

But I knew all the theories but I can’t actually apply them. Soon enough, my sewing improved. I gained more confidence as I finished more and more projects. Finally, when I saw a design or a picture I don’t think of whether I can do it or not. I just calculated in my head, how much time it will take. 

You see, anything is doable as long as you are committed to completing it and taking the time to learn it. 
Today’s student said she’s always been interested about sewing. 🙂 And see the result of her two days work. Congratulations!!!