Finally! I Can Make My Own Dress! 

I used to just look over Philippa’s desk and see what her project of the week was. She always has something fun to do and is hardly ever bored. 

I started sewing my own clothes and i knew that my dog can rip them in seconds 😂. They were hardly durable. 

But I knew all the theories but I can’t actually apply them. Soon enough, my sewing improved. I gained more confidence as I finished more and more projects. Finally, when I saw a design or a picture I don’t think of whether I can do it or not. I just calculated in my head, how much time it will take. 

You see, anything is doable as long as you are committed to completing it and taking the time to learn it. 
Today’s student said she’s always been interested about sewing. 🙂 And see the result of her two days work. Congratulations!!!