Q: Do you accept beginners? 

Yes. Absolutely! Most of our students ARE beginners. We do recommend that you start with something simple, with no drafting required, like Tote Bag or Piped Pillows.

Q: How much is the fee? 

From our MENU (top of this page), choose the workshop by location.


Los Baños


The price depends on the project, the difficulty and the number of hours it takes. The fee is per student/ per lesson. It includes the fabric and provided notes or patterns.

We let you use our tools such as rulers/pencils/sewing machine but we must leave this behind after the class. You get to take home your finished work. 🙂

Q: When is your next lesson?

Please message us for the next available appointment. Usually, we book classes a week in advance.

For Makati – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (2 students/class)

For Los Banos – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (10 students/class)

For Bacolod  – August 6 to August 8, 2017

Arendo Coworking Space
GF – 9 Roli’s Arcade, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City

Q: Can you teach me from my home? I am too busy, I can’t leave behind my babies. And so on. 

For Manila location, yes this is possible, but we require at least 3 students in a class. And also please bring your own sewing machines and make sure there is space for the class. Thank you.

Q: I’m from Bacolod, I want to inquire about your upcoming event. 

Hi, please click here for more details.

Q: Is there an age limit? 

Preferably not younger than 8 years old. Also, please make sure that you are able to sew and manage to draft, cut fabric, sew and iron.

Q: Who is the teacher?

Please learn more about the teacher here.

Q: Why is your store called Gawa Ko To?

Watch this! 🙂

Q: How do I register/enroll/sign-up for a workshop?

First, send us your information by filling out this form.

Second, 50% downpayment is required for each class. Send us a message on our facebook page (click on the facebook page on the right of this page) and type: “pay?”

To get the payment options.

Third, send us the proof of payment.

Thank you!

Q: I would like to talk to you for more info/clarification. How do I get in touch?

Please leave us your contact details here and we’d call you as soon as we can. Please also let us know when is the best time to contact you (evening/morning/time).

Thank you!!!