My Friend’s Kids

Look at them happily wearing mama’s creations. 🙂 Good job mom! 


Sewing a Peplum Top

Actually, this style is really flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. It covers unwanted areas and still looks feminine. 

If it’s your first time to learn pattern drafting, it is best to get started with a skirt first as it is easier and then do a top. Peplum top doesn’t have any sleeves so it is still quite easy. You will also learn how to install an invisible zipper in this class. 

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Last week of June 2017

This week started off busy. I was sewing a few stuff for my portfolio both in Muslin fabric (Katcha) and in real fabric. 


And here’s the dress 

The real fabric versions 

There! Just a sneak peak. I was sooo busy with this that i temporarily stopped my shopee business just for this week. I was thinking, Oh no, you won’t eat next week if you don’t sell anything. 

I decided to simply run an ad on Facebook. ₱300 to run for a few days. 

I started getting inquiries from those ads. People are nice, they don’t bluntly ask about me so I made an album about my past working environment and a bit about me. I think one or two friends shared it and that was it. I’ve been getting more inquiries about my store. I am not bragging or anything. Just overjoyed, because our shop just opened last November and I didn’t get as much opportunities as I thought I would. And thanks to the Universe, what I envisioned is slowly becoming a reality. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you! 

Ok back to this week, I had an appointment like 3 weeks ago. I didn’t know back then that I’ll be THIS busy so despite my busy sched I had a two day class. My best friend since high school joined us and it was hilarious. Please don’t be scared that I took so much pictures of her lol. She’s my friend and very photogenic and willing to pose. 😂 I was a bit nervous she’d criticize me about my teaching, as she is a great teacher herself. But she was so engrossed in her dressmaking, she hardly paid attention to anything else. 

I had two students this week, but I only took pic of one as my other student is camera shy. 

Everyone should try sewing or crafting for fun, especially those who are already working, because it brings back memories of being in school plus you’re a bit more detailed now you’d be surprised with yourself. 

I’m so glad that the dress my friend did actually fits her. She keeps modifying here and there and I was also busy working with my other student and on my own project, I was a bit buzzed after. Anyway, this was a great week. As soon as I finish my project, I’m coming with more fun stuff for Gawa Ko To Handicrafts customers. Do you also have this, when you’re working on something, you get ideas for another project or another aspect in your life? 😂 My head is now full of ideas lol. I can’t wait. 

Bon weekend everyone! 

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Mermaid Tail Sewing Lessons


This week, we have one of our students sew a mermaid tail. She’s only 6!!! It was quite fun and interesting to do as I think she is one of our youngest students. She may be young but she knows what she wants. 🙂

She was assisted the whole time she was sewing. We also explained to her how the measurements was taken and she cut the paper pattern herself.

I think with kids, it is nice to encourage them to make their own things and decide on the colors, the style and all these things as it helps them pay attention to details and be more creative.

If you would also like to try making your own mermaid tail, you can leave us a message here.

Sewing Details:

  • Waistband is garterized with a 2cm waist band
  • The upper skirt part is made of 2 layers of sequins
  • Lower portion is made of organza